Interested in trading some hard work for a festival experience you’ll never forget?

Why Volunteer?

In exchange for becoming a Hangout Volunteer, you’ll receive a General Admission 3-day Pass, a T-shirt, amazing experiences and access. When you are not working, you are free to experience the festival!

Every volunteer is required to work one morning and one late night shift to ensure that everyone works equal time. We expect our Volunteers to work hard and hope you have fun while not on your shift.

Please read the volunteer Terms & Conditions completely before submitting an application. You must be 18 year or older before May 1, 2014 to become a Hangout Volunteer. Individual volunteer positions will be assigned based on festival needs.

What does it take?

All volunteers are required to work a minimum of 18 hours during the festival and be able to arrive by 9 a.m., Thursday, May 15th. Once you’ve been accepted as a volunteer, a $250 deposit is required to reserve your spot. Show up, work your assigned shifts and your deposit will be refunded!

Want to complete your work before the festival? Pre-show volunteers must work a minimum of 24 hours spread into 4, 6 hour shifts, May 2-14. All PRE-Show Volunteers will be done with their work requirements before the festival begins on Friday.

How do I apply?

Step 1.

Read through all of the information and requirements to become a Hangout Volunteer.

Step 2.

Fill out the Hangout Volunteer Application here. Please ensure you provide a valid e-mail address. This is how we will contact you between now and the festival. You must be available to work each of your assigned shifts and participate in our MANDATORY Credentialing Check-in, in Gulf Shores.

Step 3.

After you’ve been accepted, pay your deposit. All Hangout Volunteers must pay a $250 deposit before being confirmed for a position. All deposits must be received before you can be assigned to a volunteer crew. Provided that you show up on time to all of your shifts, fulfill assigned duties and don’t break any rules, your full deposit will be refunded to you by June 1st, 2014.

Step 4.

The Hangout will notify you that your deposit has been received and will issue your assignment. All volunteers will be assigned to a Fest Crew. For example, if you’re assigned to Hospitality on your first day, you will serve all of your shifts on the Hospitality Crew.

Step 5.

Complete Hangout Volunteer Orientation. You will get further details after you have been placed on a crew by your Crew leader.

Step 6.

Once you pass orientation, you will receive your credentials. You will be notified of the check-in location, your crew and shift times via email when you receive your acceptance notification.

Step 7.

Show up on time. Work hard. Enjoy the festival. Remember all Hangout Volunteers  are expected to dress appropriately – wearing their Hangout Volunteer shirt and closed toed shoes. It is also expected that Hangout Volunteers come prepared to work outside where the weather is unpredictable. Please also be aware that storage space is limited for staff and volunteers. Please leave valuables at home.

Step 8.

Get your deposit back!


Volunteer Applications Terms and Conditions


Where will I be working? Can I choose?

You will be assigned to a volunteer crew based on Festival needs and your skills. You will find out what crew you are on when you receive your assignment. Some of the possibilities include:

Why do have to pay a deposit?

We want your time and labor, not your money. The festival depends on our amazing volunteers so it is very important that everyone show up for their assigned shifts. We need to have some level of assurance that our Hangout Volunteers are going to show up, on time, and do the jobs that they agreed to do. If you show up on time, follow the rules, and work diligently on the tasks assigned to you, your deposit will be returned by June 1st, 2014.

What are the perks of being a Hangout volunteer?

My bestie is also volunteering, can you coordinate my shift with his or hers?

When you fill out your applications be sure to indicate the same areas as a preference. However, with so many volunteers and many varied needs we cannot guarantee your assignment with friends.

When do I show up for my shift?

Please arrive 30 minutes before your assigned volunteer shift begins. As we get closer to the big weekend, additional shift check in details will be sent!

How can I assure that I get on the volunteer crew that I want?

There are no guarantees of volunteer crew placements. If you have special skills that would make you a better match for a certain crew please note that on the application.

I already bought a ticket, but I still would like to help out for a few hours. Can I do that?

We appreciate the offer but unfortunately, for the sake of continuity, we need volunteers who can commit to working at least 18 hours.